Tapton School Jazz Band wins first prize in the 2015 One Sheffield Many Cultures Festival

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First Prize in the recent One Sheffield Many Cultures festival in Barkers Pool was won by the Tapton School Jazz Band. The prize of three musical scores was sponsored by the Sheffield branch of Taylor Bracewell Solicitors.
Runners up on the day were Yewlands Academy and Parkwood Academy.
Fr Shaun Smith, chair of OSMC said: “One Sheffield Many Cultures is very pleased to announce that Tapton School won first prize with its wonderful jazz band which was the highlight of the great performances from young people in schools from across multicultural Sheffield.”
Joanne Cairns, HR Consultant at prize sponsors Taylor Bracewell Solicitors said: “We are delighted to donate and present a prize to the Tapton School Jazz Band. Taylor Bracewell are proud to support local charities, schools and businesses in celebrating the rich and diverse talent of Sheffield’s young people and citizens.”
Tapton Co-Headteachers Claire Tasker and David Dennis said: “We are so proud to have won this prize.  It is a celebration of our active promotion of the diverse talents and backgrounds of our wonderful students.  Valuing everyone is at the heart of our school ethos .. . something very much shared and celebrated by One Sheffield Many Cultures.”