One Sheffield Many Cultures festival 2017

One Sheffield Many Cultures is proud to announce its 2017 festival to showcase the multicultural talent of young people from across Sheffield under the theme ‘Our world in one city.’

The festival will see inspirational performances on our stage in Barkers Pool. The acts will feature inspirational song, dance and drama.

The festival is free and a wonderful day out for all the family to celebrate the contribution of our young people to our great multicultural city.

The day will be opened by the Lord Mayor and feature short contributions from people in the faith community, trade unions and multicultural campaigns about the great work being done by people to celebrate ‘One Sheffield, Many Cultures.’    .

One Sheffield Many Cultures promotes the unity of our city.

Our events and publicity celebrate the contribution by people from all communities and backgrounds to the well-being of Sheffield.

We also celebrate Sheffield’s proud tradition of opposition to racism, bigotry and prejudice.

We urge people from all walks of life in the city to speak with one voice in support of One Sheffield Many Cultures.